Excercise for Senior Adults

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Exercise makes man physically fit. This process of being physically fit plays a very important role in making the mind active which results in efficient performance in daily life. However with the growing age every person encounters inefficiency and imperfection. At this age it is highly important to stay fit in order to stay aloof of various diseases like heart attack, diabetes, etc… Exercises are always advisable for individuals of all ages however with the senior citizens are always should always opt for exercise in order to have healthy life in future.

Man has reached moon, explored the universe and excavated the history. But yet man couldn’t stop himself from aging and growing old. Yet he can secure himself and his potential energy in order to stay fit at the old age.

Strength: Old people undergo loss of muscle, strength and quality of tissue. According to the experts in every 30 years the muscle mass declines by 1%, thus developing older people’s muscles raises metabolism that aids in maintaining the blood sugar and weight.

Balance: We notice several adults facing balancing problems and thus encountering major or minor casualties. Balancing exercise is the answer to prevent such casualties as developing of legs muscles prevents you to fall. Thus balance exercises work in eradicating the problems at the older age.  Balance exercises help you stay independent without any support from anybody allowing you a disability free life.

Stretching: Human body undergoes certain changes with the growing age, similar is the case with the joints. Joints turn stiff with the decreased range of motions and thus increase the chances of injuries increases. Stretching exercises provides freedom of movement. This freedom of moment ensures mobility guarantying activeness in the senior years; however stretching exercises should be complemented with other exercises too.

Endurance: With the growing age human tends to lose mobility which later results in inactiveness. Thus in order to gain back that activeness it important to get mobile again. Start with small exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, biking, etc… Scraping the leaves is also considered as a very effective exercise which increases the heart rate and breathing for a longer period of time. Increase the level of exercises with time, for instance: start with 5 minutes for day 1, 7 minutes for day 2, 10 minutes for day 3 and so on…

Exercise ensures everyone with healthy and effective lifestyle. However senior citizens should definitely opt for exercises in order to ensure healthy and disease-free life.