What Is Assisted Living?

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Assisted living is a type of residence for the elderly and disabled that may need assistance with daily living, but don’t necessarily need around the clock care like is available from nursing facilities. When someone lives in an assisted living residence, they have far more privacy and independence that they would have if they were a resident at a nursing facility. Residents of an assisted living facility are free to come and go whenever they choose.

With assisted living, residents must pay rent for their accommodations, but unlike other types of housing for the elderly, there are people to help the resident with the everyday tasks of living. There are different types of assisted living facilities, and they offer various levels of assistance. While some facilities may offer more assistance than others, all of the assisted living facilities will offer at the minimum, help with housekeeping, meals, activities, and monitoring health. All of the assistance that you get is included in the price of your rent.

There are different styles of assisted living accommodations; you can get a private apartment that includes everything from one bedroom and a kitchenette to a single bedroom that is shared with another resident. The amount that you pay for rent depends on the size of your unit, as well as the amount of assistance that you need, but in most cases the cost is probably about half of what you would pay at a traditional nursing facility.

In assisted living communities you can rent furnished or unfurnished units, and these units usually have safety equipment installed, such as handrails, as well as hospital beds. The units are often much smaller than an apartment that you would rent from a standard apartment community.

Although you don’t get health care at an assisted living community, you do get health monitoring, which will include keeping track of medications, doctor appointments, checking on the resident on a regular basis, etc. The resident will also get help with eating, bathing, dressing, and other activities that they may be having problems with.

The assisted living community is often considered the preferred alternative to a traditional nursing facility.